#00425/Greeting Card (4.5" x 6.25") - Blank

Here's the thing about me and scarves. I buy a lot of scarves because:

(a) they're fun, frothy, frolicsome pieces of fancy fabric; and,

(b) they're something I can buy at a snooty store where I otherwise couldn't afford to buy anything; and,

(c) they don't place any burdens on me to grow taller (expensive designer clothing), get a boob job (swimsuits), endure intense pain (shoes), or become younger (just about everything). 

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So yeah, I have a lot of scarves.  Long scarves.  Square scarves.  Prints.   Solids.  Dull.  Bright. Lacey.  Ugly.  Gorgeous.  Big.  Small.  Stupidly expensive scarves.  Thrift store scarves.

But my dirty little secret is that I NEVER KNOW WHAT THE FUCK TO DO WITH THEM!  I tie a scarf around my neck and what do I have?  Nothing.  I tie it in a bow?  Little Lord Fauntleroy.  I throw it rakishly over my shoulder?  I worry all night about doing an Isadora Duncan.  I bunch it up loosely around my collar (which my friend Val does effortlessly and with panache)?  I've got a bunched up ball of fabric under my chin.

Then I found out what the rest of the world -- including nomadic ladies traveling on camels across the Sahara, including hearty fish-eating gals in the polar tundra -- has known for centuries!  You're supposed to use a SCARF CLIP!

And BOY are there EVER a lot of scarf clips out there.  I know because when I got the scarf clip news I went bonkers on eBay and bid on 45,000 of them.  And yes, now I have more scarf clips than scarves...and I still NEVER KNOW WHAT THE FUCK TO DO WITH THEM!